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Goodbye Microsoft outlook?

Since i changed to Mac, 18 months ago, i kept the Microsoft office suite. lately Outlook 365 and its attempts to update have been a disaster. ”New” outlook looks great, but! ive had a issue not sending to emails added to Bcc. open my iPhone and i can sent it from the outbox. an identity issue it says but hard to resolve.

Today emails wont sync. 1.5 hours with Microsoft chat and working in the end. But i have to roll back to legacy outlook to get rid of load more conversations, sorry but i want all my emails.

30 minutes in a call to Apple chat and all my emails are working on Apple mail, and 2 other issues fixed.

This week ill run both and decide if Apple mail will replace outlook. so far I’m loving the basic simple interface. many of the extras outlook have i don’t need or use. I have 14 email accounts and do emails. ill report back soon